Custom Channel Apps

We worked with enough channel companies to know that no two channels are the same. Sure, there are many areas where business needs are similar and best practices can apply, at many companies. Our lead distribution and co-op management modules are exactly founded upon such scalable practices. On the other hand, justifiably unique business requirements can also arise in many situations. Sometimes that simply comes with certain territory. For example, rewards programs tend to be "creative" and as a result can vary significantly from one channel to another. Innovations in general also drive the need for unique applications. Examples: a new program to locate and deliver expensive, limited-availability demo equipments in the channel faster, the ability to provide channel partners on-demand private-label collaterals of the company's products.

We fully expect our customers to have unique and creative business needs from time to time, and are experienced in building custom application modules that work seamlessly with channelSUITE's standard modules to deliver optimum result to the customer. Adding custom modules to channelSUITE can also be very cost-effective. That's because the same channelSUITE infrastructure functions such as user management and permission control are generally applicable to standard and custom modules alike, and also because we often find reusable concepts and codes in our sizable portfolio of past builds and potentially similar applications.