Announcing ChannelSUITE 7

Purplewire is proud to announce channelSUITE 7, featuring an all new user interface that's easier to use, faster, more consistent, mobile-device-friendly, and better looking.

Usability Improvements
  • Fresh look and feel – the new theme is modern and easy on the eyes
  • More consistent interface across the various channelSUITE modules (channelADMIN, channelLEADS, and channelFUNDS)
  • Responsive design – the interface layout adapts to use available screen space effectively for optimum user productivity across the array of modern Internet devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones)
  • Better performance, due to extensive update of client-side code
Technical Details
  • The new interface uses the popular Bootstrap toolkit and the LESS CSS language. Benefits include increased consistency and maintainability of client-side code, and more consistent behavior across different browsers and devices
  • Client-side code has been extensively refactored. The previous versions spanned many UI and javascript frameworks. Now, all client code uses Bootstrap with JQuery for javascript
  • The interface theme is easily customizable to meet specific requirements of client installations

We're excited to use this new foundation to bring you more new and exciting features in the future.

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Partner Contact List

channelLEADS Lead List

Partner List
Purplewire rolls out channelLEADS™ 6

The latest version of Purplewire's popular lead distribution and tracking system comes with a host of new and powerful features and a brand new interface to make the user experience simpler and more intuitive. The new version lets the user devise and tailor their own lead distribution rules and more easily manage footprints in Europe and Asia. Highlights of the new features are:

  • Use postal codes anywhere in the world to manage geographical territories.
  • Ability to design and store lead-processing "schemes" and tailor them for each individual lead source.
  • New "Market Match" feature systematically and continuously finds the right channel for each lead, by geography, product, or both.

Purplewire rolls out new function to manage partner recruits!

The latest addition to channelADMIN gives companies a systematically managed pipeline for applicants and recruits of their channels. An important channel success factor is the continuous addition of qualified, productive partners into your network of distributors. channelRECRUITS provides you with the means to systematically keep track of leads and/or applications for new partnerships, facilitate team work on applicant credentialing, remind designated staff to move applications through the process, and maintain electronic records of all applications and resulting actions.

Some Feature Highlights:

  • User-configurable qualification "checklist".
  • "Endorsement" ballot for channel team.
  • Historical records of applications and electronic support documents.

channelSUITE is now ready to power your Dealer Locater!

channelSUITE now offers multiple easy integration methods to get additional value out of its channel partner database. The new tools let channelSUITE customer leverage its channelADMIN partner database to drive the "dealer locater" feature on its company website, allowing their website visitors to find contact info for your partner locations in a specific geographic area. You can choose to provide search by country, by state/province in US or Canada, by US zip code (with a user-selectable search radius), and optionally filter search results by partner or location "tags" appropriate to your business (vertical specialty, product authorization, etc.). Multiple integration methods are provided ranging from simple (HTML iframe include) t o fancy (AJAX inline content update or XML web service call).

Leads routing by geographic proximity - sneak preview!

A new automatic lead-routing algorithm that looks for a distribution partner based on (shortest) geographic distance to the prospect is going through final testing at Purplewire. The algorithm will add useful options to ways one can distribute sales leads automatically to its channels with channelLEADS. The algorithm finds all channel partners that are within a circle of certain radius from the prospect, and then "draws" its selection from among those using odds (or weights) favoring ones closer to the customer. In current plans, the user will be able to take advantage of the new "proximity" algorithm either as the sole method for distribution, or in combination with other considerations such as the matching of the prospect's interest with the partners' profile. The option will be available to lead-routing in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, and is a new feature in the upcoming version 5 of channelLEADS, scheduled for March release.

Purplewire rolls out new channel organizer and communicator!

channelADMIN 4 is the ideal Channel Relations Management platform that lets you organize all your channel relationships quickly right out of the box, easily deploy the resource to your team, and begin communicating to partners right away, with features such as:

  • "State of the channel" dashboards.
  • Easy browsing/search through theaters, regions, partner types/specializations/certifications.
  • Delegating sales territories.
  • Personal distribution lists for email channel communications.

and much more....
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channelFUNDS™ 4 is Here!

The new Co-op/MDF management system comes with a host of new features to make managing partner accruals and reimbursements even easier and starting a "market development fund" a simple task. Highlights of the new features are:

  • Multiple budget lines to choose from when approving a payment/reimbursement
  • Strategic investment budgets and market development accounts to fund vendor-driven marketing initiatives
  • Multiple "progress payments" on an expense/claim
  • Electronic documentation/repository of proof-of-purchase/performance

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