ChannelFUNDS™ is a cloud-based end-to-end turn-key solution for co-op and MDF programs. With channelFUNDS, a paperless co-op program can be up and running on day one, with the following functions:

  • Online reimbursement filing and balance checking for channel partners.
  • A streamlined claim-processing pipeline for program administrators.
  • Separate partner accounts for earned accruals as well as vendor-discretionary "pools" for market development funds.
  • Organized reimbursement queue with easy access to available funds and streamlined payment tools.
  • Electronic filing of proof-of-purchase documents. You can even email them right into the system.
  • Automatic record-keeping of pre-approvals, expenses, reimbursement credits, co-op balances, and more.
  • Convenient fiscal transition tools with flexible closeout/rollover options.

Managing your Co-op/MDF easily and systematically!