Process Transition

Channel teams are busy and often short-handed, and yet it takes resource to implement resource-saving solutions. We will help you solve the catch-22:

  • Turn information in your spreadsheets and knowledge of your staff into structured data and useful business rules. In other words we will set up the channelSUITE application of choice for you.
  • Run the application through realistic tests to prevent unwanted surprises and prepare participants for roll-out or cut-over.
  • Communicate and coordinate with channel team along the way to keep all stake holders properly informed.
Custom Features and Applications

channelSUITE applications are built upon a customization-friendly architecture to provide opportunities for custom features that meet unique business needs. In some cases, entire custom channel applications can be added to the channelSUITE platform for a new business process.

Administrative support

Want us to actually maintain sales territories, process co-op claims, or manage lead distribution for you? In other words run the channelSUITE application for you and just "take care of everything"? We would happily do that for you because using channelSUITE is very easy and, well, actually pretty fun too.