About channelSUITE

channelSUITE™ is a set of cloud-based software applications for managing and supporting a company's distribution channels. The set of channelSUITE applications can include:

  • channelADMIN: a centralized, organized database for a company's distribution channels, including 3rd-party distributors aswell as company branches.
  • channelLEADS: a solution for sales lead distribution in the channel, with systematic "market matching" of leads, and automated sales status follow-up.
  • channelFUNDS: a turn-key solution for co-op administration which provides online claims submission and systematic reimbursement processing/accounting.
  • Other custom channel applications and/or 3rd-party software that are integrated with the channelSUITE platform.

Experience counts: ChannelSUITE boasts a 20 year history of serving the channel market.