Privacy Policy

channelSUITE is owned and operated by Purplewire, LLC. Our Privacy Policy is based on this simple idea: your data belongs to you, and we won't use it for anything other than operation of your installation of the channelSUITE system, or expose it to anyone else, without your permission.
During the course of normal operation of the channelSUITE system, we accumulate a variety of data about you, your company, and your customers, prospects, and business partners (“Collected Information”), including: We consider this, and all other data not specifically mentioned, to be confidential, and we won't use it for anything except as directly relates to operation of the system as described in the Disclosure section below.
We may... We will not...
You must have cookies enabled in your browser to effectively use the channelSUITE system. Cookie are small bits of information related to your current application session that are stored in your browser. We do not use any "third party cookies" or "web bugs" that can be used by third-party marketing firms to track your usage of our system.
channelSUITE uses industry-standard practices to protect your information, including SSL encryption, firewalls, redundant storage, intrusion detection, and physical security measures.
If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, or have suggestions on how to improve it, please contact us.